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What to Expect at Buckeye Boys State

Learn more about what to expect in your first 72 hours at the American Legion Buckeye Boys State. Get familiar with the elections process, different positions to run for, and how to make your time count.

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Visit the BBS Election Guide

Learn more about elections and the different positions available at Buckeye Boys State.

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View delegate archives

View previous posts and content from Buckeye Boys State back in 2021-2023.

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Explore the Buckeye Boys State Elections Guide

There are hundreds of different elected and appointed positions at Buckeye Boys State. Some positions require you seek a party nomination and some require you to pass the bar exam.

Learn more about the different types of positions, their requirements, and the steps required for each one with our interactive elections guide.

Delegate Experience Archive

Explore delegate accomplishments from previous Buckeye Boys State years

In the 2021-2023 Delegate Experience archives, you can:
  • View photos of elected leaders
  • View legislation, court cases, and more
  • View city and county info including flags won