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SB9: Marijuana Legalization Bill

From the Offices of: Legislature/House

Author: Senator Mayle, Spears, Ritterbusch, and Suravarapu
Date Written: 2023-06-16 09:18:12
Date Published: 2023-06-16 09:36:05

Legislation Type: Bill
Legislation Status: 2nd Consideration

SB9: Sponsored by Senator Mayle, Spears, Ritterbusch, Suravarapu. Marijuana Legalization Bill To amend Section 2929.13 of the revised code and enact the legalization and decriminalization pf marijuana use for all persons over 21 and tax rates and spending from the revenues generated from marijuana consumption. Several Representatives suggested that the bill goes onto the Finance Appropriations, Ways and Means committee. Several representatives express their distaste in how the bill is written. Representative Person motions to end debate. It is seconded. The bill was voted on in a majority to send the bill into second consideration.