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Floating Minimum Wage

From the Offices of: Legislature/House

Author: Thomas Blaha and Charles Gill Jr.
Date Written: 2023-06-15 09:26:13
Date Published: 2023-06-15 09:30:11

Legislation Type: Bill
Legislation Status: 1st Consideration

HB1, Floating Minimum Wage (Sponsored by Thomas Blaha and Charles Gill Jr.): To establish a floating minimum wage that changes every 5 years and is unable to be lowered. The minimum wage will be adjusted by the Director of Commerce every 5 years. This bill was proposed at 2:50 PM shortly after resuming from break. Representative Thomas Blaha introduced the Bill to the group and Representative Bryant and Representative Carlson questioned which committee the bill shall be sent back to. Representative Carlson motioned to end debate at 3:15 and Representative Koh seconded. The bill was going to be discussed later and the first discussion is thus ruled as First Consideration.