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Ordinance Securing the Respect of Citizens

From the Offices of: City/Estepp

Author: Oliver Cramer
Date Written: 2023-06-17 07:47:47
Date Published: 2023-06-17 09:08:20

Legislation Type: Bill
Legislation Status: Signed into Law

SECTION 1: Citizens of Estepp who have irresponsibly lost their badge and/or room key and are unable to find it before the end of recreation time must pay a fine of 500 dollars and perform 10 push-ups for a lost room key, 15 push-ups for a lost badge, and 25 push-ups for losing both. The push-ups must be performed at the beginning of evening city meetings once a quorum of ⅘ of the city is present. a. The consequences for the crimes listed in section 1 are not a replacement for the 20 dollars USD payable to Miami University. b. The consequences for the crime of losing a badge listed in section 1 are also applicable when an Estepp citizen has locked their room key and/or badge in their room. SECTION 2: Citizens of Estepp are required to perform the same amount of push-ups with Legionnaires during city meetings if the city of Estepp fails to achieve a City Honor Flag. a. Those who are physically unable to perform the push-ups must pay a fee of 100 dollars to the city of Estepp. SECTION 3: This ordinance shall take effect at the earliest time permitted by law.