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The Rules of Dieringer

From the Offices of: City/Dieringer

Author: Cutler Smith
Date Written: 2023-06-14 14:39:59
Date Published: 2023-06-15 09:16:47

Legislation Type: Bill
Legislation Status: Passed by the Council

Be it resolved by the council of Dieringer of Munson county Section 1: There shall be no sleeping in socks, if this is violated the cost of $50 shall be paid to the city. Section 2: The following standing committees shall be made, Law, Outreach, Dieringer, and Money committees. Section 3: The official City motto of Dieringer is "Dieringer Doesn't Disappoint" or "Triple D". The Official flag of Dieringer shall be commissioned. Section 4: The president Pro Tempore is Cutler Smith. Section 5: Use common sense and Dieringer is best. Section 6: This ordinance shall take effect at the earliest time permitted by law. Proposed by: Jonah Volbert City Council President