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Record Of Resolutions

From the Offices of: City/Dieringer

Author: Dakota Gossman
Date Written: 2023-06-14 14:00:08
Date Published: 2023-06-14 14:07:59

SECTION ONE : that the following transfers be made in the finance director's account. Special Funds 2073.210 Law Enforcement Mandatory Drug Fine 74000-supplies & materials to 73000-contractual services 250.00 to 80000-capital outlay 4,000.00 4018.810 capital improvement 80000-capital outlay to 74000-materials & supplies 1,000.00 SECTION 2 : This resolution shall take effect at the earliest time permitted by law. PASSED: 6/14/2023 Jonah Volbert (Presedent of Council) Attest: Matt Lee (Clerk of Counsel) Approved: 6/14/2023 Lucas Kennedy (Mayor) Michael J. Marsh City Attorney