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Another Glorious Day in Koppin City

From the Offices of: City/Koppin

Author: Parker S. Tubbs
Date Written: 2023-06-17 09:44:31
Date Published: 2023-06-17 11:09:41

Koppin City is at it again! With not one, but two successful city council meetings! Along with it, Koppin has new and improved buildings in its facility. Police and Fire Chief (Alex Stinson) has successfully constructed the city jail as well as additional fire hydrants. Parks and Rec's officer (Gavin Amoroso) has completed the park, its budget, and its' ordnance. The Engineer of our city (Trenton Kruse) reported the completion of the water treatment plant and the power plant. City Auditor (Zane Pickerrell) he's reported that everyone has their checks and that all taxes are completed, he also took care of the water main break bill that struck the city. With regards to new business. We have some new ordinances. Ordinance 006-23 states the construction of the water plant, was approved. Ordinance 008-2023 called for the merging of the Koppin and Gabel city school districts, this was also approved. Ordinance 008-47 called for the solar panel roads, this was approved as well. Ordinance 009-23 was tabled, however, due to its failure to define "hate speech". Finally, Ordinance 12-083 was passed which approved the Koppin city park. With these advancements, it's no wonder that Koppin City is the best city in BBS. Our growth is inequivalent and is sure to bring a smile to the counselor Rob's face.