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Koppin Rising to the Top!

From the Offices of: City/Koppin

Author: Parker S. Tubbs
Date Written: 2023-06-15 11:26:57
Date Published: 2023-06-15 15:14:34

Here at Koppin City, we strive for greatness in leadership. We serve as an example and beacon to other cities to look to us for guidance on how to lead and what true leaders look like. Led by the governing of Mayor Wright Chen he has made sure that his appointees are the best at their job. From Auditor to Director of Law each person has made tremendous accomplishments to better the city of Koppin and hopefully to achieve the city flag. As of 6/14/2023 here are the accomplishments of Koppin City -Safety Director (Alex Gilmore): Construction of stop signs -Treasure's and Auditor's report (Dylan Davenport & Zane Pickerrell): He gave the Budget and it was approved in the council meeting -Police and the fire chief (Alex Stinson): made a proposal for the Jail idea and needed approval from the council, The council did not pass the jail -Parks and Recs (Gavin Amaroso): INtroduced a design for the park and the cost of the park -Engineer (Trenton Kruse): constructed the city roads and crosswalk of Koppin city. - Director of Law (Gabriel Swihart): Reported the new laws that were passed by BBS -The City Council & Clerk of Council (Pres. Gage Roop, Luke Webb, Jack Hopkins, Will Madison, Caden McDougle, and Clerk Landen Kruse): These men held the first city council meeting and discussed these issues and approved some of the spoken material. The great city of Koppin will continue to produce these great works. As each person strives for the best effort in his job. Counselor Rob is bound to be proud of his thriving city in the future and give it a "KACHOW!" of approval. -Parker S. Tubbs, Clerk of Mayor Wright Chen, Koppin City 2023