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June 15, 2023 9:30am Council Meeting

From the Offices of: City/Schuck

Author: Luke Virostek
Date Written: 2023-06-15 13:00:22
Date Published: 2023-06-15 15:16:28

June 15, 2023 during the 9:30am council meeting, the park was again addressed. Previously the Parks and Rec Director and City Engineer said that the construction would cost $1.3 million. This price was negotiated to $600,000. The motion was approved to allocate $300,000 to the creation of this park. The other $300,000 needed to pay for the park would come from fundraisers, donations, and grants. Luke Virostek was appointed as the new Deputy Registrar. The motion for the safety service to inspect buildings did not pass due to budget concerns. The Safety Service Director is trying to obtain grants to pay for these safety projects. Other news is that three new ordinances have been passed into law. The first ordinance says that kicking chickens is illegal and violators will be fined $1000. The second ordinance states that "U-turns" are now illegal on all of Schuck city roads and violators will be fined $100. The last ordinance states that all traffic on Shuck City roads must use their hands as turn signals before making a turn. Anyone who fails to indicate a turn will be fined $100.