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(6/15/2023) City Council Update #2

From the Offices of: City/Wiehe

Author: Ethan A. Hoin
Date Written: 2023-06-16 09:10:49
Date Published: 2023-06-16 09:13:06

Good evening people of Wiehe, and those reading from home. As the day comes to a close the people of Wiehe city council are happy to announce that today's activities in the office were a huge success. we passed 5 ordinances today alone implementing laws and giving freedoms to the people of Wiehe. Today's agenda went as follows : - [8:45 a.m.] : Ordinance No. 2 (Updated phone policy during work hours) Status : Passed - [10:20 a.m.] : Ordinance No. 3 (Policy implementing new traffic laws in Wiehe city office building) Status : Passed - [2:40 p.m.] : Ordinance No.4 (To physically lie on the table when "laying a bill on the table") Status : Passed - [2:40 p.m.] : Ordinance No.5 (Legalizing soft drinks and other beverages in the workplace during business hours) Status : Passed - [2:40 p.m.] : Ordinance No.6 (Established a new Wiehe city flag to honor Paul; Wiehe and his tank crew experience) Status : Passed With that concludes today's official business in the city of Wiehe, hope you all have a wonderful night. In Wiehe we trust Note: If you are playing kickball tomorrow meet at the baseball field after work for details, national guard members please come right after practice if you're signed up.