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EPA- Day Two

From the Offices of: State/Governor

Author: Environmental Protection Agency
Date Written: 2023-06-16 09:44:12
Date Published: 2023-06-16 09:44:34

Early in the morning we discussed more bill planning with Natural Resources and Agriculture. We had an informational meeting with Mark Verbsky which was extremely helpful in outlining public water safety and pollution waste management in individual cities to be required licenses to operate water and waste systems. We met with Senators from our city to sponsor and help write out all three bills to be introduced to the General Assembly and start the lawmaking process. We met with many county commission members to assure that our offers for grants were available if a city or county needed extra funds. We finally finished up any county and city engineer meetings for the day. We needed exact details on what building projects were and how much they were going to cost in order to grant funds for the next day.