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Day One of the Malone-Adhami Administration

From the Offices of: State/Governor

Author: Office of Governors Press Secretary
Date Written: 2023-06-14 14:57:11
Date Published: 2023-06-14 15:24:18

It was both a busy and exciting first day of the Malone-Adhami administration with the Governor and his staff creating several legislative initiatives that are in the process of becoming a bill and then a law. The Governor wants to ensure that everyone understands that he is following through on the promises he made during the campaign. Education is a major cornerstone for this administration as was promised during the campaign and the Governor is following through with this promise with several initiatives. Another major piece on the Governors agenda is bipartisanship, the Governor wants to ensure there is respect and cooperation between the political parties at all levels of government thought Boys State. Thank you to everyone for working so hard, the Governor and his staff are very confident this will be the best Boy's State yet!