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State Auditor Office- Day Two

From the Offices of: State/Governor

Author: Office of the State Auditor
Date Written: 2023-06-16 10:42:37
Date Published: 2023-06-16 11:21:20

On the morning of our second day on the job we set up the prices for the different types of audits. They are as following- City Government: $15,000 City School Board: $4,000 County Government: $25,000 Special Audit Fee: $150,000 Since the school board had the least amount in their budget and we care about our city schools, we dropped the rice down $1,000. Around 8:11 we had our first audit from Peltier city plus three more from one county and two School Boards. The Auditor had a meeting with the cabinet at 10:30. We then completed two more audits for the city school boards of Jordan and Voisard. After lunch we mostly did vouchers and had a problem with the bank not accepting vouchers. We should hopefully fix this problem with a counselor either tonight or tomorrow. We had one of the employees create a notice form and sent them to the Cities and Counties. At the end of the day we created a spreadsheet to track all audit fees and warrants and tracked warrant expenses to the states treasurer's budget. We made 60,000 in audit fees and warranted 7.3 million out of the state treasurer's budget.