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Koppin is Thriving

From the Offices of: City/Koppin

Author: Parker S. Tubbs
Date Written: 2023-06-16 11:05:10
Date Published: 2023-06-16 11:20:19

As I have said before, Koppin City is the best city. The flag we earned yesterday at assembly proves our leadership skills and work ethic as a united city. However, we do not stop here. We strive to achieve that flag again and earn it a second time. Koppin City will never stop reaching for its windows of opportunity and finding new ways to "help a brother out" (H.B.O.). As of June 15th, here are more examples of our great city thriving and growing. The Councilmen of Koppin City (Pres. Gage Roop, Caden McDougle, Luke Webb, Jack Hopkins, Will Madison, and Landen Kruse) held another successful council meeting at 2:00 P.M. They discussed, debated, and approved various ordinances and issues that came before the council. The council reviewed Ordinance 001-23, which is the construction of the Koppin City jail that contains 3 cells, 1 holding cell, and 2 offices. This, in total, costs around $50,000, but the council had little debate and it was approved. The Council also introduced the Ordinance of "Waking up Initiative" In which requires Counselor Rob to sing "Life is a Highway" -by Tom Cochrane from the popular Pixar movie "Cars" Each morning when he wakes up his men. The council approved it, but Rob refused it As when the time came for reports, here is what was brought up before the council. -The Mayor of Koppin City (Wright Chen): He reported that he has helped people with their budgets and supplies, he has also reported that the Chief of Police (Alex Stinson) is under training. -The Parks and Rec's director (Gavin Amoroso): Amoroso could not be there, so Mayor Wright Chen reported on behalf of his office. He reported that the Park is being worked on and that it is coming along nicely -Director of Law (Gabriel Swihart)- Had his first successful conviction in court yesterday at 10:30. As a prosecuting attorney of the state, he successfully condemned the Third Little Pig (Acted by: Parker Tubbs) who boiled the Big Bad Wolf (Unknown: Deceased: Eaten by the Third Little Pig) after attempting to climb down the Third Little Pigs' Chimney and break into his house. The Third Little Pig was convicted of aggravated murder and the court found that he did have enough time to call the police and leave the house while the Big Bad Wolf was climbing down the chimney. -Koppin City Engineer (Trenton Kruse): Yesterday, he completed the Koppin City water lines and gas lines. He also working on our sewer lines as well as a sewage plant for Koppin City. These examples of success show that Koppin City is the best city known to Buckeye Boys' State ever. From Industrialization to Renovation, we strive for it all. To build the best city possible and to raise the best leaders the state has ever seen. Counselor Rob is bound to be happy and proud that his city is striving for the best that it can be. -Parker S. Tubbs, Clerk of Mayor Wright Chen, Buckeye Boys State 6/16/2023