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Commemoration of William “Bill” Strong

From the Offices of: City/Strong

Author: Thomas Hicks - Clerk to the Mayor
Date Written: 2023-06-16 11:16:14
Date Published: 2023-06-16 11:20:08

The City of Strong is built off of the love and brotherhood that William Strong brought the Buckeye Boys State and American Legion community. A veteran of the United States Navy where he served on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Saratoga and afterward joined the American Legion post #83 in Sandusky, Ohio. William Strong joined the Buckeye Boys State staff in 1995 and has held positions such as first and second Vice-president, Section Head of the Public Relations/Social Media section, and even as the President of the Buckeye Boys State Board of Trustees in 2015-2016. William Strong is a member of the America Legion Buckeye Boys State Hall of Fame and served as a member of the Fair Board and Assistant Track Coach at Clyde High School. He also worked for 21 years as a professional “over the road” truck driver. We represent this wonderful, patriotic, and passionate man with great pride in the city of Strong. He is the lifeblood and the reason of the strength, courage, and commitment that we show in the Buckeye Boys State Program. Zac Niekamp said “ It’s an honor working at Buckeye Boys State to represent such an important and respected man. To know what he stands for and the impact he had on his community makes me strive to be a better leader and to promote his values with respect and dignity.” To Strong City delegates, Strong is not just a title or a name, it’s William Strong, and everything he stood for, lived for, and died for.