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2:30 PM City Council Meeting #004

From the Offices of: City/Strong

Author: Thomas Hicks - Clerk to the Mayor
Date Written: 2023-06-16 16:21:30
Date Published: 2023-06-16 22:28:15

A lot was covered during our afternoon city council meeting on June 16. The school reform ordinance was amended and voted on to include an issue regarding bullying, starting a no toleration policy for it at school. The grant from Senator Brown for a pool was approved and put into place, paying for all costs regarding putting in a city pool. Additionally, in order to help pay for the maintenance of the community pool a season pass was initiated at annual payments of $65 or day passes at $5 a visit. More safety measures were initiated such as $180 for city speed limit signs and a doggy door for $30 for our K-9 unit. In commemoration of all those in the military the city council initiated a city-wide moment of silence for the fallen soldiers and an addition of all those with 10 or more years of service and the names of the fallen soldiers to be added to the veterans memorial. Thank you Senator Brown for your contributions and military personal for your dedication to the United States of America.