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What is the Legislature at Buckeye Boys State?

Each Buckeye Boys State city will elect two different House Representatives and one Senator to serve them. At the City Party caucuses, each city party delegation will nominate two representatives and one senator each.

After being elected to the General Assembly, legislators will have the opportunity to run for chamber leadership such as Speaker of the House or Majority Leader. Members will also join legislative committees such as the Finance, Appropriations, Infrastructure, and Ways & Means Committee.

Outside of being elected to serve, there are exciting opportunities to author and design legislation as a part of the Legislative Services Committee (LSC).

What's happening in the Senate?

Title Section
Thursday, June 15th, 2023, Senate Minutes Legislature
Wednesday, June 14th, 2023, Senate Minutes Legislature
Friday, June 16th, 2023, Senate Minutes Legislature
Title Subsection Type Status
Timely Citations by Judges (S.B. No. 69) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Corporate Tax (S.B. No. 11) Legislature (Senate) Bill 3rd Consideration
Interactive Learning (S.B. No. 32) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Corporate Tax Deduction Reform (S.B. No. 5) Legislature (Senate) Bill Passed in the Senate
Subsidization of Cleaner Energies (S.B. No. 19) Legislature (Senate) Bill Passed in the Senate
Term Limits (S.B. No. 63) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Mispronouncing Fee (S.B. No. 50) Legislature (Senate) Bill Failed in the House
Veteran College Credit (S.B. No. 33) Legislature (Senate) Bill Passed in the Senate
College Tuition Cap (S.B. No. 64) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Cookie Monster Act (S.B. No. 38) Legislature (Senate) Bill Failed in the House
Bullet Trains for BBS (S.B. No. 73) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Chairs at City Meetings Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
Extra Government Credit for BBS (S.B. No. 72) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Water Filtration (S.B. No. 21) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Miami University Park Bill (S.B. No. 65) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
School Funding (S.B. No. 30) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
County Farm Preservation (S.B. No. 31) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Fishing and Hunting Licenses (S.B. No. 68) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Taxation for Big Farmers (S.B. No. 20) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
Gun Safety Awareness (S.B. No. 62) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Changes in Premiums (S.B. No. 60) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
Joint Oversight Committee 2.0 (S.B. No. 54) Legislature (Senate) Bill Passed in the Senate
Homeowners' Insurance (S.B. No. 23) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Rank Choice Voting (S.B. No. 26) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Golf Cart Emissions Ban (S.B. No. 24) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Photos for All Boys State Candidates (S.B No. 26) Legislature (Senate) Bill 3rd Consideration
Agricultural Machinery Clause (S.B. No. 28) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
Protections for Small Farms (S.B. No. 10) Legislature (Senate) Bill Passed in the Senate
Green Energy and Metro Systems (S.B. No. 18) Legislature (Senate) Bill 3rd Consideration
Welfare Protections (S.B. No. 18) Legislature (Senate) Bill 3rd Consideration
Mental Health Resources in Schools (S.B. No. 17) Legislature (Senate) Bill 3rd Consideration
Eliminate Speed Limit Penalties (S.B. No. 48) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Municipal Walking Trails (S.B. No. 44) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
College Tuition Cap 2.0 (S.B. No. 70) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Community Relations Resolution (S.R. No. 3) Legislature (Senate) Resolution Passed in the Senate
Traffic Safety (S.B. No. 2) Legislature (Senate) Bill Passed in the Senate
Elementary Theatre Concerts (S.R. 49) Legislature (Senate) Bill 2nd Consideration
For the People Act (S.B. No. 3) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
STEM Manufacturing Opportunities (S.B. No. 34) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Book Banning Resolution (S.R. No. 4) Legislature (Senate) Resolution Passed in the Senate
Mariauna Decriminalization (S.B. No. 9) Legislature (Senate) Bill Veto Overturned
Fertilizer Mineral Limit (S.B. No. 35) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
More Police-Community Relations (S.B. No. 37) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Greater Alcohol Tax (S.B. No. 40) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Regarding the Ohio State Patrol (S.R. No. 5) Legislature (Senate) Resolution 1st Consideration
Regarding Diversity (S.R. No. 6) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Respect for Flags Act (S.B. No. 39) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Strict Rules for Railroad Employees (S.B. No. 41) Legislature (Senate) Bill Passed in the House
Public Drinking Fountains (S.B. No. 42) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Joint Oversight Committee (S.B. No. 14) Legislature (Senate) Bill Vetoed
om-nom-nom Bill (S.B. No. 51) Legislature (Senate) Bill Failed in the House
Increased Punishment Act (S.B. No. 47) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Senate Chamber om-nom-nom Bill (S.B. No. 51) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Legislator Privileges (S.B. No. 46) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Student Representative Act (S.B. No. 43) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
The General Consent Resolution (S.R. No. 7) Legislature (Senate) Resolution 1st Consideration
Intoxicating Tax (S.B. No. 52) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Officer Mental Health Resources (S.B. No. 53) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Insulin Cap (S.B. No. 55) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Tax Bracket Reform (S.B. No. 56) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Redefining Traffic Laws (S.B. No. 57) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Recreational Center (S.R. 8) Legislature (Senate) Resolution 1st Consideration
Tax Changes for Higher Brackets (S.B. No. 22) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
Veteran Employment in Education (S.B. No. 59) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Public Outreach Commission Committee (S.B. No. 58) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Division Bill (S.B. No. 29) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
Greener Cities (S.B. No. 45) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
School Choice (S.B. No. 71) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration
Tie Breakers for Elections (S.B. No. 36) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
Work Hours (S.B. No. 61) Legislature (Senate) Bill Tabled
New Correctional Facility (S.B. No. 74) Legislature (Senate) Bill 1st Consideration

Majority Leaders

Majority Whip

Jack Gerber

The President of BBS Senate is elected by all members of the Senate and is responsible for leading the Majority Caucus as it sets the policy agenda for this year's legislative cycle.

Assistant President Pro Tempore

Jack Mayle

The President Pro Tempore is elected by all of Senate's members and acts as the Senate's temporary President in the absence of its actual President. This is indicated by the term pro tempore, which means for the time in Latin.

President Pro Tempore

Beau Gantz

President of the Senate

Thomas Billington
Tipp City

The Majority Whip is elected by all members of the Senate and is responsible for monitoring legislation and securing votes for legislation on the floor.

Minority Leaders

Minority Whip

Jase Norman

The Minority Leader is elected by all members of the Senate to lead the party in the minority and is responsible for the development and implementation of the caucus agenda.

Minority Leader

Charles Amara

Assistant Minority Whip

Jason Adams

The Minority Whip is elected by all members of the Senate and is responsible for monitoring legislation and securing votes for legislation on the floor.

Assistant Minority Leader

Sugath Suravarapu
New Albany

Legislative Committees

What does a committee do?

Committees are an essential part of the legislative process. They monitor on-going governmental operations, identify issues suitable for legislative review, gather and evaluate information, and recommend courses of action to their respective chambers.

Education, Local Government, and Urban Affairs Committee
This committee reviews legislation associated with education (k-12, post secondary, and trade), urban affairs and relations, and local government.
Agriculture, Conservation and Energy Committee
This committee reviews all legislation associated with agriculture, energy, and conservation of state parks and spaces.
Finance, Appropriations, Infrastructure, and Ways & Means
This committee reviews all legislation that includes appropriations or has a tax implication.

Know Your Senator

Allen City
  • Mason Cowie
  • Jasper Atkin
Gabel City
  • Michael Osborne
  • Grayson Sanwald
Estepp City
  • Jason Adams
  • Jayden Davis
Dieringer City
  • Aidan Lane
  • Colin Spears
Schuck City
  • Ronald Spears II
  • Zachery Kozlowski
Jordan City
  • Jack Mayle
  • James Forman
Strong City
  • Eian Washington
  • Henry Williams
Peltier City
  • Charles Amara
  • Keaton Curnutte
Stockner City
  • Kai Jun Cheung
  • Jase Norman
Bishop City
  • Donald Simpson
  • James Cox
Voisard City
  • Jack Gerber
  • Tyler Rowen
Dieringer City
  • Thomas Billington
  • Jonathan Powell
Jordan City
  • Aiden Doll
  • Beau Gantz
Wiehe City
  • Gabriel Ritterbusch
  • Sugath Suravarapu
Peltier City
  • Wesley Giles
  • Gabriel Shaw